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As you journey through life knowing that one day you will leave this world, but the question is where will you go?

If you struggle with that answer then come and let us help answer that question.

If you are searching for a place to serve the Lord then please come and check us out. you will find we are a family oriented Christ believing, Bible preaching church.

We look forward to seeing and hearing from you.


Pastor Jay


A New Year

A New Year is upon us and an opertunity to make this year 2022 a Kingdom Growth year. 

In this world of trials and uncertanty, sin is running rampid in out communities and Country, let us shine the light of the Lord for the whole world to see.

New Beginnings is a little church full of love for the Lord and for our fellow brothers and sisters. We are nestled in North Easter Oregon, in the city  of Hermiston, with a Population of over 1900.  We know that a single church isn't a good fit for all people, but we also know that all people needs a church that they can call home. We also know that we are all sinners saved by Grace through Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. It is only through a personal relationship with the Lord, can we find peace on earth. So let us make it our goal and your goal to make 2022 the year the Lord is put back into this Nation and the WORLD.After all He is the Savior of the World

I pray as the Pastor of this little Church since 2015 that every man, woman, and child would turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and seek a relationship with him through Faith, Love, and Hope. Call upon the Lord to be the Lord of your life.

Pastor J C Barnett


  October 2022  
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